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Art Of Compering

Camera consciousness is a universal weakness. Even if I pretend to have a camera in my hands and say "say cheese", many in front of me will turn rosy. Because that specific moment is captured into a timeless(?) material, we try to present our best faces, there by losing our naturalness. The conscious appeal is all the more salient if it's a video camera. This being the case, one would expect their TV show hosts to have nailed this weakness in addition to having excellent communication skills before starting their career. And expectations have reduced my joy. That's no philosophy, but reality. I don't recall a single host doing a 'natural talk' while presenting a program when it comes to tamil satellite channels.

Let me start with SCV, a channel that entirely depends on these 'pretty faces'. The hosts at SCV provide a lot of unintentional humour by asking dumb questions and dumber body language. The sorry-state callers always start with something like "we like to watch your program" or "you look beautiful", and these hosts blush like a pre-teen girl and continue their pretentious set of standard questions, without listening to what the caller has to say. They always conclude with "here's a beautiful song for you" and often telecast a crappy song. Most of them don't even look straight into the camera and keep glancing sideways, making the TV audience look like fools.

Talking of hosting song shows, Vijay Sarathy of Sun TV is my favourite comedian. The network pays him to travel around the world and this guy provides us an introduction of the place at a machine-gun speed. He does not even care if anybody listens to him; and I don't get the idea of catering information pieces in a song show. And then he starts with "who is your favourite actor/actress/light boy" questions that are world famous by now. Mamathi of Vijay TV's is more of a spiritual advisor and self-help guru for all the Tamilians, rather than an anchor. Only if I can understand her, I'd be a better person.

We have a similar lot presenting comedy/super scene shows. Their pep talk before the start of the movie scene should serve as a prologue to the scene and should aid in a smooth transition of the mindset of the viewer to the tone of the scene. These hosts do a successful job of doing the opposite. Say, I'm in a funny mood already and I like to watch a comedy program, the talks by these made-up faces in a monotone only irritates me. I would rather have a series of clippings than a show interrupted by nonsensical speeches. Shows on Hollywood movies are indescribable. The host simply summarizes the cast and crew of the movie and provides a twisted gist of the story. The morning routine involving interviewing a guest, daily horoscopes, etc are dull, to say the least.

We need entertainers who can listen and respond with their heart in an interactive conversation. We need hosts who can walk and act as if there's no camera in front of them. We need hosts who are not eager to cut a call, but rather keep a lively audience. We need hosts who can transport us to a funny world for a funny scene and to pathos if it's a tragic scene. We need hosts who can look straight into the camera and not twist around their hips and plainly talk with all possible naturalism. We need hosts who make sense.

Believe me, there are tons of talented people out there, who are robbed of anchoring a show for not having good looks.

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  1. # Blogger Elavazhagan

    Except Makkal Tholai Katchi, all other persons (compere) are butchering the wonderful Thamizh language by their anglicised Tamil or Tamilonglish. Wearing of scanty robes, exposure of anatomical features, cranky utterances, obsene postures are common features of those in all other TVs.
    They wont mind the status, age, cultural background of audience.
    Utter nonsense they used to utter, beyond deciporing. They should all be given a proper training.  

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