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  • I've been quite busy in the past few weeks and I expect to be busy for the next two weeks. Sorry if you've been checking out ScreenArt frequently. I hope I can hit at least a post a week consistently from April 1.
  • Saw 'Little Miss Sunshine' - such a pedestrian movie. I don't understand when critics go hoopla over low-budget satirical stories. As you might have already heard, it's about the coming-together of the members of a dysfunctional family. Alan Arkin was the saving grace - his arrogance reminded me of Goundamani.
  • I bought myself a copy of 'Michael Madana Kama Rajan' to write a critical review. I'm not sure if I'm cinematically knowledgeable enough to write about this masterpiece. But I'm going to try my hand anyway. May be, some day, say 10 years from know, I may puke at the review I'll be writing in the near future. But I think it's important to record how I feel about this picture now.
  • Saw a bit of Sivaji's 'Par Magale Par'. Man, these guys must have been piss drunk when they wrote the story. Nothing else can explain the dialogues & scene flow of this piece of absurdity.

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Anbudan Simbu

In an interview with Gowthami, Simbu was epitomizing immaturity & artificialness. We know how juvenile half-baked kids try to emulate cool guys they see on TV... Simbu was trying to emulate a very polished, seen-it-all guy & his mannerisms in this ludicrous process of emulation were abominable. So, he is trying to sell us his image that he's very intelligent, been through a lot of hardships, seen emotionally turbulent times (betrayals, love failures) and all that stuff from a badly written script and poor Gowthami was trying to showcase herself as a very understanding interviewer. Well, she's paid to extract words from the guest, and I don't blame her if she has to 'act' amicably. But then, she said the following words: "22 vayasula ungalukku ivlo maturity'nnu nenaikkarappa enakku romba sandoshama irukku". For god's sake, she's been living with Kamal and she must have an inkling of 'choice of words' or 'intelligence' or 'maturity'. A true WTF moment!