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A secret society called Fraternity comprising a group of well trained assassins having super talents like curving a bullet and superior body-eye coordination that allows them to bend a few laws of human anatomy are assigned names of people whom they should kill. Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is pulled into the Fraternity after his father, a member of the secret society is killed by a renegade. The plot unfolds informing the viewers of the reason of Wesley's hiring and some politics inside the group.

Talk about loads of stylized action: Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy running on top of a metro train, James stranded on a busy street is scooped like ice cream into a car driven by Angelina, a car crashes - of all things into a train and later that train crashes - of all things down a narrow gorge, and finally you thought what role could rats play in an action movie, right? These aren't super ideas nor supremely choreographed but such sequences just keep my movie clock ticking and hence not allowing me to ask too many questions about the foundation of the story. The very essence of summer popcorn.

PS: Over the years I've become a fan of Morgan Freeman for magnificently personifying a gentleman in a great variety of roles. In one the scenes in the movie, he casually utters a swear word and that came as a jolt, not only to me, but to many in the hall who audibly gasped. I know that he's an actor and he's only delivering lines from a script. Still I have a feeling that he was asked to do something below his dignity.

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