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Quintessential Goundamani

Explain with reference to context:
  1. Naanga ungakitta sollittu vandhom, neenga engakitta sollitta vandheenga?
  2. Puli nakkanale sethu poyiduva nee...
  3. Dai, pandhu wrong sidela varudhu...
  4. Ivan irukkarudhu therinjirundha, neenga idha eduthuttu vandhirukkamattengalla?
  5. Appa idhenna panju mittaya?

Pesadha Padam

Dear Hasini,
You speak 2^64 words per minute in your weekly showcase. Had your programmed been aired 10 years before on any digital network, the pulse modulators would have had a tough time sampling your words at the minimum required 8K Hz, which would have resulted in an unintelligent slur. Though the technology has caught up with you, there isn't much of a difference qualitatively.