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Superman Returns - One Minute Review

Lex Luthor returns from prison. He has grand plans to destroy the world and become a supreme real estate agent, not dealing in acres or hectares, but in kilo and mega metres. Obviously, planet Earth has little choice but to expect the return of the Superman. Upon his return, he learns that his love interest Lois Lane is on a long engagement with a gentleman, and also a mother. Then, the expected unfolds: a few good deeds, make-up with Lois, a clash between Lex and Superman which almost leaves him at the door of death, a super-human comeback (note: Superman is not a human being, he's from Krypton), saves the world and kicks Lex's ass.

Brandon Routh (Superman) is neither good nor bad in this performance (which is better than I expected) and Kevin Spacey (Lex Luthor) doesn't seem to enjoy his role (let down!!). The screenplay spends more time on the relationship dynamics between Superman and Lois Lane than expected of a comic hero adaptation, an obvious attempt to make this a date movie. Graphics are superlative and the initial flight rescue is choreographed very well. This movie should provide solid entertainment for kids and a some-what entertainment for adults.

Spoiler: Lois Lane's son is actually Superman's, which should have provided some room for exploring Superman's emotional side with someone other than his lover. But there is not much interaction or development between the father and the son. A clear sign that the studio is willing to exploit the possibility of a love affair between a couple but nothing other than that. Too bad.