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Spielberg's Tactic!!

Schindler's List is one of those landmark movies which profoundly moved me. How a war profiteer, a womanizer, selfish-charming industrialist can give everything he has earned to save more than 1100 Jews is very brilliantly told by Spielberg. There is a great scene near the end where Schindler cries out looking at a ring and says "I could've done a lot more. Goldberg would've given me one person for this ring. This car. Ten people could be standing here instead of this car...". Because these words totally give a new definition to his character and elevate his standards to greater heights.

I recently finished reading the Booker prize winning book upon which the movie is based. Screenwriter Zallian has remained very faithful for almost the entire movie except for that scene mentioned in the previous paragraph. There is no doubt that the scene has tremendous emotional catharsis effect and can leave anyone with a heart overwhelmed. But, why did Spielberg and Zallian decide to move away from the original? As a movie, it is a monumental achievement. After reading the book, I somehow can't accept that powerful scene in the entire context of the movie. I sense a conscious departure from reality so as to ennoble and exalt the character.

Spielberg will remain one of my favorite directors. But is such a move morally acceptable?