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FFM 3 - 2001: A Space Odyssey

I'm compiling my favourite scenes, not the significant scenes of a movie. When it comes to '2001', the whole movie feels like one big scene, quite unforgettable and unimaginable. The movie unfolds at a slow pace and though there are jump cuts and drastic changes in the environments, there is always a sense of disbelief and awe which tightly embraces the viewer.

The first segment of the movie is set in Earth, during prehistoric times when apes live amicably. A black monolith appears (which would remain unexplained) in their habitat and the confused apes just go around the monolith and try to play with it with a sense of fear and curiousity. This monolith, apparently an alien intrusion, living/non-living, teaches the monkey-man something very important: how to use a piece of a bone as a weapon. Now with this special power, one tribe of apes lambast another tribe of apes which vie for food.

Here's the scene: the triumphant ape, after chasing his enemies, throws the weapon, a piece of bone into the air, and Kubrick jump cuts it to an orbiting device informing us of the present age, or should I say, 33 years ahead of the present time, which would be the year 2001 (the movie was released in 1968). The tone of the movie is majestically set and the genius of Kubrick doesn't wait for the completion of the fall. The bone sent up, swriling, the brain-child of the ape, is still up in the air meaning that from our four-legger ancestors to today's common-man we carry that lesson of treating a different tribe, caste, race, etc with disdain. And the jump cut doesn't seem to be rude at all because of the pace, the visuals and the music.

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