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The Island - Movie Comments

Michael Bay is the 'shoot-em-all, bang-em-up' guy in Hollywood. He rarely makes you think about the story. In fact, he left me wondering if he thought about the story before he directed 'The Island'. With human cloning and organ donation, there's a lot of scope for character development and touching moments. Bay escapes from all the myriad possibilities and finds ways to crash cars and collapse buildings (I thought a couple of non-accident special effects were brilliantly inventive). The movie has entertainment value if you can subtract the banging noise that's persistent through out the second half, but nothing for the thinker.

The cast is an irony: Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johanson, Djimon Hounsou, Steve Buscemi.. all are groomed by art directors. I wonder what they were doing in a Bay film. Irony 2: Ewan, probably the only A-list star who is sexually frank, active and comfortable is being asked "Are you a virgin?" by someone I won't reveal. That was funny. Irony 3: Acting is above average, especially for a Bay film. Irony 4: I didn't feel bad walking out of the thatre. In fact, I would recommend it for a weekend show with your teenage sibling.

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