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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - One Minute Review

This movie is disappointing, in spite of Johnny Depp's presence. Directed by Tim Burton based on Roald Dahl's work, the crux of the story follows five children with Willy Wonka, owner of the immensely popular Wonka chocolates in his chocolate factory for one day. Four children, who are either cocky or arrogant or selfish or a combination of these get dropped out one by one and at last Charlie is the only boy who stays with Willy to receive a surprise gift. So, what... modesty and humility pays off? Is there a moral? What the heck?

Depp seems to have played this role after watching Kramer of Seinfeld and Michael Jackson. Depp keeps twisting his face all the time and delivers unexpected lines, which might have been funny only if the story were a little stronger. It fails as a funny story for kids and miserably fails as an entertainer for adults.

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  1. # Blogger Atticus Finch

    Hi Prasad!

    Yet to read the reviews, but quickly noted an interesting set of documentaries reviewed in your blog - including March of the Penguins which I loved... Do you watch other foreign films too. I have been following a lot of Japanese, Iranian and Latin American movies... Very impressed...  

  2. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    Hi Atticus,
    Have seen only a handful of documentaries and reviewed even less. Yes, I'm interested in foreign language movies - usually French and Spanish. I've had brushes with Japanese and didn't find them impressive.

    We have a lot of time and a lot of titles to choose from. I'm open to any good movie. Thanks for dropping by,


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