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March of the Penguins - One Minute Review

The aptly titled Oscar nominated documentary 'March of the Penguins' follows a year of emperor penguins' life in Antarctica. Remaining faithful to the rules of a documentary, the story is not cinematized or manipulated, though there were opportunities for the filmmakers to have done that. We are informed about the lifestyle of penguins during their mating season - get out of sea, walk 70 freaking miles when the temperature is -40C to get to a solid ground of ice which is appropriate for mating, guarding the egg and rearing the kid.

The narration by Morgan Freeman is mature and teacher-like: he makes us care for the birds which are by themselves an epitome of parenting, caring and sharing. The lengths to which the parents go through to protect their loved one is beautifully told. The way they walked in times of trouble reminded me of Chaplin in his poignant scenes. It must have taken close to a year to shoot this documentary. I wonder how the filmmakers managed the terrible conditions (-80C, 100 Km/hr wind) picturized. Above all, it's a good love story suitable for family viewing.

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