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On Munich & Oscars

I'm glad that Spielberg's Munich is recognized for a couple of top spots for the forthcoming Oscars - best picture and best director. This is good news to me because, here, in Chennai, if a movie doesn't make buzz at Hollywood, there is very little chance of us seeing it in theatres. And a home viewing of any of Spielberg's presentation will lose a certain amount of punch. So, now my hopes are strong: we'll probably get to see Munich in less than three months. Heck, there's also another nomination for Munich - John Williams. Well, this time he has two nominations for original score - for Munich and Memoirs of Geisha - to say that he's brilliant is a cliche.

As expected, Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain leads the nominations and I'm guessing that it'll take away the best picture in most cases. I haven't seen it yet, and the movie visiting Indian theatres inspite of unknown stars and low-budget production is a certainty - thanks again to Oscars. I like Lee - he has a wonderful taste for subtle things - sensitivities.

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