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Chicken Little - One Minute Review

Roger Ebert once said something like: A children's movie is one in which the adults are bored. An adult movie is one in where the children can't grasp. A family movie is one that appeals to both children and adults. Chicken Little, the latest Disney's misadventure desperately tries to be a family outing. They have successfully failed in that attempt, but gracefully receive good marks from the kids.

The movie is about father-son relationship, at least that's what the producers want us to believe. But, with no clear direction and no hold on the viewer, the screenplay simply swerves this way and that way sprinkled with a few good jokes ... read that with a stress on 'few'. The story is very unoriginal and many scenes/themes are directly lifted from Finding Nemo, E.T, War of the Worlds and Close Encounters.

If you take your five year old son/daughter to the movie, you can walk out with a sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that your kid enjoyed it.

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