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'Rang de Basanti' for Oscars!!??

FFI has decided to send 'Rang de Basanti' to be considered in the foreign language category for the upcoming Academy awards. I wrote the following in my post on 'Mangal Pandey':

"I think this is Aamir's second shot at Oscar. It is easy to appease the Oscar's foreign language academy members if they can connect with the theme. One of the reasons Lagaan (one of the best sports movies I've seen) failed to win the Oscar was because they don't understand cricket, which is the heart of the movie."

'Rang de Basanti' is his third attempt to attain international stardom. I had a strong feeling this movie might most probably be the one to be sent to the Oscars because of it's theme (rebirth of a nation, freedom from corrupt systems) and the treatment of the story. I doubt very much that this will be taken seriously by the members of the Academy because of the melodramatic storyline. The producers are allowed to edit the movie before sending it to the Academy. The movie is long - if reduced below 2 hours by cutting songs and some tear-jerking scenes, it can generate some buzz.

My thoughts on the movie available here.

5 Responses to “'Rang de Basanti' for Oscars!!??”

  1. # Blogger Mantra35

    It's a shame that no other movie was nominated for the Oscars. RDB is just another masala movie and lacks any intrinsic quality as such.  

  2. # Anonymous Srinidhi

    I liked 'Rang de' and enjoyed watching it.

    But i don't think it's a good choice for sending to the Oscars - if you have any hopes of winning, that is.

    Girish Kasaravalli (Nayi Neralu) & Blessy (Tanmatra) made better movies in this period, as did many other filmmakers in India. As always, they go unnoticed when the 'powers-that-be' decide on the film to be sent for the competition.

    I think only the 'new' media hype has made people interested in following these events - does anyone remember what our (India's) Oscar entry was 5-6 years back? Of course we follow the Oscars, but did we follow India's participation in it?

    Well, forget all that. I do hope people see 'Rang De' and they like it - it was not cinematically perfect, but surely a good watch (from an Indian's perspective).


  3. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    As Srinidhi has conveyed, when we have better products that can be showcased at international level, proposing a weak entertainer is a shame.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    RDB will surely win the doubt..its the perfect pick for the oscars..Mehra has created a one and only with a one and only Aamir Khan...Movie like this comes once in a lifetime and in our lifetime it has happened. Lets support the movie to win the oscars after all its from india and we are indians (i hope) and we want india to be recognized. If RDB wins it will be recognized because we deserve it not so we should just win.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    duh they sent devdas and paheli
    why not RDB ??


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