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Downfall - One Minute Review

Oliver Hirschbiegel's Downfall chronicles Adolf Hitler's last few days in his Berlin bunker. A military debacle just around the corner, Hitler is deluded about his resources and keeps yelling impractical orders to his commanders. When his subordinates inform him of their colossal inadequacy in combating the Soviet forces and hint that surrendering could be the only diplomatic solution to save innocent civilians, Hitler explodes at them, calling them traitors and the civilians unworthy to carry on with their lives. Finally, he succumbs to his ego, kills himself and finds his only solace which comes from cleaning Germany of "the Jewsih poison."

Based on a book by Hitler's last secretary Traudl Junge's first person accounts, I find this movie meandering with no clear motif or destination. I don't see any need for this movie to be made other than exhibiting Bruno Ganz's thespian skills, who plays Hitler with great control. Cinematography by Rainer Klausmann is worth a mention - he creates a claustrophobic feel inside the bunkers, which is also how the officers there feel inside their hearts and to overcome that fear they keep drinking all the time. 'Downfall' has elements of good movie-making, but ultimately the movie doesn't convey anything.

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