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Something Something - One Minute Review

There's nothing new in this movie: 'rich boy loves poor girl' story, 'you've heard it before' dialogues, 'by the numbers' screenplay, mediocre direction, blah blah, yada yada... but I confess that I didn't regret the time spent on this movie. Jayam Ravi walks and talks like an over-grown teenager and Trisha is as beautiful as Trisha. Ravi's mannerisms are my guilty pleasure - many may not like the way he carries himself, but I just enjoy him from the corner of the room. I openly admire Trisha's beauty which allows me to comfortably discount her shortcomings as an actress. So, now you know why I wasn't bored by this boring movie.

The story isn't worth mentioning, so I'll sample it: a girl trying to impress the hero makes him halwa - with salt instead of sugar. This is the 988th time a screenplay employs salt-sugar confusion in a Tamil cinema. Now, steady yourself for this dialogue from our hero:"I didn't know that this dog knew how to play football." Brilliant piece of writing!! Just when I thought the movie was over, the drums beat up and our hero croons kozhi - a song, my gracious god. The logical holes are as big as craters and the brother-sister sentiments make you throw up. In the middle of all this rubble, there is Trisha and also with her is Jayam Ravi. Just don't tell anybody.

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