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Rajini Trivia Quiz*

Easy: If Rajini's character is called Raghupathy, how is V.K.Ramasamy's character called in the same movie?

Moderate: In a particular test, Rajini scores over 7000 marks out of 100. Name the movie.

Difficult: We know of item numbers, where popular heroines just appear for a song. Rajini had actually appeared in a movie, just for a song - well, not even for that full song, but only a part of it. Name the movie.

*Quiz with help from JP.

9 Responses to “Rajini Trivia Quiz*”

  1. # Blogger icarus prakash

    jujupi :-)

    1. valayapathi
    2. thillumullu
    3. manathil uRuthi vEndum  

  2. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    May be this one will have your head scratching for a while: Sivaji became Rajini after K.B saw Sivaji as Rajini. What's the movie I'm talking about?  

  3. # Blogger icarus prakash


  4. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    Prakash *thalai vanangugiren* - Not a movie trivia though: What's the number of the bus driven by Raj Bahadur?  

  5. # Blogger icarus prakash

    ambEl... udu joottu :-)

    Probably its the answer for one of the first three questions asked here.  

  6. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    I didn't know that that bugger had an external blog and had posted the same set of questions that he posted in our intranet blogs. Otherwise I would have quoted the source. Btw, he's very resourceful when it comes to Tamil cinema and cricket.

    The answer to the question I posted, which I borrowed from JP is 10A - Rajini was the conductor, Raj Bahadur was the driver.  

  7. # Blogger Zero

    Ah, ju-ju-bi, indeed.

    In Thillu Mullu, Indiran tells Sriramachandra Murthy that he is going to a cinema to watch a (Kamalahaasan) film. Which one?  

  8. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    I thought it was 'Ilamai Oonjaladugiradhu' but JP tells me it is 'Kalyanaraman'. In most cases, he will be right.  

  9. # Blogger Zero

    Yes, he is, Prasad. :)  

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