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Movies #13 - This, That & the Other

  1. I frequently contribute one of my posts to a cinema forum which collects some of the best/insightful posts on cinemas. Scott Nehring has been doing this good work for a while and the latest edition is available here. Go check it out.
  2. Compiling a list of comedy artistes who have contributed to Tamil cinema is the easy part. Trying to be a little objective and writing a few clear sentences is the hard part. When I write about Kamal, I need to control myself in using superlatives or else the post would seem heavily biased and saccharine.
  3. My guilty pleasure in the past couple of days has been to know something about who all have (RSS) subscribed to my posts. If you're comfortable, just drop in a line as a comment to this post with your name and what you'd like to see more from me. I'll be happy. Thanks.

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