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Movies #11 - Depp, Departed, Dragged

  • Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribbean plays a captain of a pirate ship, only that he is no more the captain of that pirate ship, where in the end he actually becomes the captain of that pirate ship. Sorry for that circular sentence construction, because that's how Depp made me feel. Either he is always drunk or... what's the word... yeah, it's cockamamie. And he delivers the best performance on screen as the zany, crazily wild pirate. Felt good to see him.
  • The Departed is running in India - in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. Why none of the distributors in Chennai thought about it beats me. Such a shame. Another reason for black market to thrive.
  • To say that the The Omen felt dragged is being generous. Never a moment of thrill or horror, it is an exercise in boredom, emptiness and a hideous promotion of the church. It's remake in Tamil, Janma Nakshatram is even more tortorous.

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