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Legend of Rita - One Minute Review

Driven by noble ideologies and dreaming of social equality the Red Army terrorists rob the banks and distribute it to the poor; and while robbing they deliver anti-imperialistic aphorisms. The terrorists know that they can't upset the applecart but only give it gentle shock. They fail to come to terms with the ground reality and continue to believe in realizing an alternative world. Set in the 70's Germany, Legend of Rita recreates the general mood on both sides of the Berlin wall and tries to capture the feelings of a woman - Rita Vogt, a West German who's against capitalism, is determined to deliver justice to the people, and feels proud to be a part of an elite network that tries to change the social order.

When Rita kills a traffic police in a knee-jerk reaction, the Stasi helps her settle in East Germany under a fictional name (which is called 'legend' in intelligence parlance) and provides financial support if and when needed. In the textile factory where she works, to her unpleasant surprise she finds her colleagues unhappy and wanting to go to the west and improving their own standards of living instead of working for the betterment of the state. Though baffled at their wishes and deeply discontent at them, she continues to live a suppressed life with Tatjana, a friend and a potential lover being the only solace to pass her days. Her cover gets blown and she assumes another legend until the Berlin wall comes down and she is hunted by her saviours - the Stasi.

Rita is a well developed character very ably played by Bibiana Beglau - we are allowed to see her as an energetic young lady driven by principles, a good friend trying to help her alcoholic colleague, a woman wanting to mother a child and at the same time as a terrorist who can kill to keep her identity covered. Directed by Volker Schlondorff based on the script by himself and Wolfgang Kohlhaase, he expresses the committedness of misguided, intelligent, talented youth who believe in a new world order and eventually tells how pointless their endeavours may turn out to be when the state decides to clean the slate. The screenplay is intelligent - logic wise, but it's the emotional quotient that's underscored. Though I'm tempted to say it's the story of a terrorist, it's actually the story of a woman who happens to be a terrorist.

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