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300 - One Minute Review

'300' is a video game that you can't play. And that too a game with a mediocre storyline, under-developed characters, flashy photography, sub-par special effects, directorial glitches all on top of historical inaccuracies that the producers would well excuse themselves saying that they have blended a good amount of mythology into the screenplay. Spartan king Leonidas with a paltry army of finely trained 300 soldiers take on the massive Persian army at the Thermopylae pass. While eventually they lose, these 300 soldiers withstand the heavy onslaught of Xerxes in protecting the narrow cliff through which they have to pass, which buys enough time for the Greeks to gather themselves.

The story-telling is colossally fractured - the viewer is kept in dark about the history, geography & politics that lead up to the war. And once the battle begins, we witness some cool action scenes, but soon the sheen wanes off and the hunger for some good story overtakes the bombarding visual food. The rapid/slow/quasi-motion combat shots where heads are cut and drops of blood are strewn across become boring after some time. A couple of nude scenes are shamelessly spliced in. Director Zack Snyder comes from a music video background and it's very clear from his treatment of material where substance is relegated for style. The editor has clumsily combined battle scenes with manufactured momentum and an amateur political drama that unfolds in the heart of Sparta. This is disposable entertainment, with an emphasis on disposable.

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5 Responses to “300 - One Minute Review”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I felt the same way just looking at the trailer and after I read the storyline, I decided for sure not to see it.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    this is what happens when you watch a movie with expectations exceeding what the movie promises. 300 is faithful to the comic book, so it retains its style. it is not meant to educate you on history.  

  3. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    Though it's not always prudent to go by the trailer or reviews, take my word for '300' - it's not worth it.

    I don't have a problem with the comic book approach. I haven't read Frank Miller's version. The movie is incoherent - there's no excuse.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I am angry because the creators of this movie missed an opportunity to narrate a great story that has elements that transcend time...elements that all cultures can relate to...elements that all of us can identify with in our day-to-day lives...
    From an entertainment point of view too, the movie was not was more life WWF after the first battle...


  5. # Blogger neo

    Prasad, Again you r doing a mistake here 3oo is a movie about 300 solidiers who fought bravely against the Persian army though they failed but the way they fought is good and that was told as movie with a comic style. Frank Miller always direct and writes screenplay like this thatz his style. Watch Sin city for instance.

    I know you r a spoiled kid but asking too much thing in one movie is not only painful to watch but also painful to shoot.  

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