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Pan's Labyrinth - One Minute Review

Spain. 1944. Second World War. Guerillas against Fascist regime. This is the setting against which Guillermo Del Toro has based his story which fuses gritty reality and absolute fantasy.  I didn't get the catch, if there are any hidden messages meant for the audience.  This is how it goes: Vidal is a military captain who has his base somewhere in the mountains, determined to wipe out the guerillas.  He marries a widow who already has a daughter Ofelia.  Now, Ofelia's world is two-fold - the world which everyone sees, and hates but continues to live; and the under-world, a fairy place where she is a princess.

The screenplay strongly commits to the effects of fairies on real-life that it's quite impossible to dismiss the fantasy part as a mere figment of Ofelia's imagination. There are scenes - in both the worlds that are great, but seeing them together, one after the another, some how distorts the movie effect and reduces the punch. Either it should have been a complete reality, or a complete fantasy. In tying the knot and in searching meanings, I was lost. One striking aspect of the movie is its photography, which creates a magnificent atmosphere, that you almost buy the fantasy scenes. One question lingers at the end of the movie: Why is it called Pan's Labyrinth?

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