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Chennai - 600028
Where the story is the hero, there can't be many villains. The movie marches strongly on the fetishes of a niche crowd - people who speak the language of cricket. The script is nothing more than a series of episodes stitched together in the lives of a bunch of guys who are pretty much aimless. A self-proclaimed competent team losing to school kids is the icing.... Pure fun.

Good Shepherd
A wonderful, intricate screenplay which takes us from the late thirties to the early sixties, giving the details of the growth of the counter-intelligence department of the CIA all seen through the eyes of a man. A magnificent blend of solid drama & genuine thrill. Matt Damon sparkles but it's Angelina Jolie who takes away the prize. De Niro, the director blows us away with his control over story-telling.

Curse of the Golden Flower
Zhang Yimou, the most popular Asian director living today once again proves that when it comes to blending colossal sets with rich costumes & eye-popping photography, he's next to nobody. A complicated relationship drama revolving around a Chinese royal family ends bitterly; but then sweetly too. Action scenes, though good-looking don't stand up to his reputation.

The Last King of Scotland
Riding on Forest Whitaker's impressive performance, Kevin MacDonald tells an inspired by true events story of the paranoid, brutal & charming Idi Amin who plundered Uganda. A talented but immature doctor finds himself in the grip of Amin & realizes his foolish adventures before it's too late. I don't think this movie will have any historic significance in the future because it feels contented to entertain the audience (which it does very well) & hence cooks up events.

Top-notch film-making. Based on a book by Jim Garrison, an attorney in Louisiana at the time of the assassination of J.F.Kennedy, Oliver Stone, the master director chronicles the efforts by Jim in bringing to daylight the obvious mishandlings of security arrangements & bungled up administration. Though some shady high-profile figures come under pressure, I can't help but feel that a common man is no more than a pawn in a governmental chess. A movie for every season, every country.


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  1. # Blogger neo

    Chennai 600 028

    Can't believe myself that you saw the full movie. Kudos


    I can't imagine that you missed this good movie and watching lately

    Curse of the Golden Flower

    Its his/her curse makes them to watch this movie  

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