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On Slashing Cinema Tickets Prices

The TN government's decision to regulate cinema ticket prices across the state will degenerate the theatre conditions and demotivate good theatre managers. The press release said it was impossible to ignore the fact that people were being denied a chance to watch many movies because of the high entrance rates. So, what next, are they going to consider the political party workers who can't step into star hotels because of high costs? How about regulating coffee and tea prices which can go upto a maximum of Rs.7 at places like Java Green and Coffee Day? This is plain stupid, short-sighted move just like that meaningless tax-exemption rule (for movies named in Tamil).

No doubt the current rates are on roof-top even considering the amenities offered. But the market will strike a balance once more cineplexes crop up and share what is now a lion's share of just one or two complexes. The government's priorities have been skewed ever since they announced free stupid boxes in their campaign, and worse, the mass elected them for such unworthy gratuity. I'm reminded of Kamal's words towards the end of 'Devar Magan' : Pongada, poi pullaingala padikka vaingada.

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  1. # Anonymous Kitta

    Price regulation always countered the premise. Never in the history did it help the common man. Someone wants to pocket the money somewhere. You don know where and who and how. But they will in the name of a populist measure.  

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