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Hazaaron Khwashein Aisi
The title means 'a thousand such dreams' and it comes in a song along with the line 'the mind has gone insane'. This is a movie about the political/caste tumult in the 70s which made the young blood to want to change the world. Two guys from college branch out - one becomes a fixer for politians and the other goes to Bihar to revolutionize the social system. Before long, they both know that they're unhappy with the way they conduct their lives and realize that they have to pay for their wishful thinking. Sudhir Mishra's fluent direction and a scintillating performance by the debutante Chitrangda Singh are the dazzling jewels of this crown.

A classic story where the big brother sets up a pawn piece and the pawn comes back resoundingly to teach a lesson. Swagger, a retired sniper is asked by the FBI to do a job which involves an assasination plan and after the execution, he is promptly set up. When he is chased, he outruns them, get behind them and kills them. The novel by Stephen Hunter (one of the two film critics to win a Pulitzer) is a well-above-average thriller and this movie upon which it is based is a just-above-average thriller. Mark Wahlberg is quite solid at the top and the music holds the movie.

Pulp Fiction
There are interesting things to discover on repeated viewings of any great movie, like this one. But more than the joy of such discoveries, it is the sheer pleasure of listening to those dialogues that keeps offering invitations to the audience. Circular screenplay dealing with seemingly separate stories intersecting at interesting points have been tried many times after this movie, but this is the one they talk about. The restaurant robbery at the beginning and the end is one of the many statements on executing with style. The confrontation between the mobster Wallace and the boxer Butch is a cool way to twist things around.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Seeing this movie after more than a dozen years of my first viewing made me realize that this is a proper kids' movie - meaning that adults can smirk at the thought of how kids will enjoy this movie forgiving some of the bad acting and poor script. A scientist invents a machine that can shrink objects to abnormal levels; his kids and his neighbours' kids fall under the focus of that machine and they're shrunk and forbidden to the backyard. A chronicle of their journey back to the house and the travails of their parents looking for them with a few sprinkles of family values and love - you have a safe Disney movie.

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