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Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf

In a scintillating performance, Marion Cotillard paints a picture of Edith Piaf in La Via En Rose. The picture is not absolutely complete, but its full of fulfilling segments that gives the audience a peek into the world of the great singer. Some critics have called her role as a 'high quality imitation' , but its not. Marion gets under the skin of the Piaf - she not only walks and talks like her, but waits and smiles and shouts and looks and drinks... her body language is so accomplished that she grasps & emanates the essence of the character. Costumes, make-up and production design help her a lot - the viewer is transported to a different place & time just by the visual achievements. Not to mention the strong script which has helped Marion in giving life to Edith Piaf. This could very well be the high point in Marion's career because its difficult to surpass something like this outstanding performance.

One interesting point to note when it comes to Oscar winners in the leading actress category in the past 8 years is that 7 of them were playing a real life character. I hope the members of the academy aren't biased towards biopictures.

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