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Sex & Lucia

A title more simple & direct than this one is hard to come by: the movie is about Lucia and she has... well, a lot of sex. The explicitness here almost qualifies to be called soft porn - but hey, this is an European family fare. It's difficult to paraphrase the plot, if there's any such thing. The writer/director Julio Medem's objective is the same as David Lynch's when he made 'Mulholland Drive'. The movie is meant to be enjoyed frame by frame, with every scene being a self-contained well constructed piece. But when you piece them all together and try to make connections in order to understand the story - hmmm, you can try and possibly succeed too. But I'm afraid that will be your interpretation of the screenplay, because the point is to give an illusion of a clear story heading somewhere, but really, in the background make events as murky as possible.

Lorenzo, a novelist is the focal point of the story. Because of his one-night stand with Elena in a magical island, he sows the seeds for his daughter Luna. A few years later, he meets his daughter and strangely enough, his daughter's baby-sitter Belen falls for him. Now, in an emotional struggle that I half-understood, Belen has a crush on her mother's boyfriend Antonio and he reciprocates her crush, which Lorenzo is able to identify as he finds himself torn between Luna and Elena - the daughter and the mother. It's important that you understand the previous sentence, the essence of the movie. Where does Lucia fit into this picture, you ask? Well, she's the observer, Lorenzo's girlfriend, the character that very closely but helplessly observes the mental deterioration of Lorenzo.

Paz Vega as Lucia sparkles with a raw, natural beauty. And for capturing her beauty in so many amazing close-up shots, a big thanks to Kiko Rica. The movie is a lot saner than the picture I've painted here. Directors with a reputation, in the name of art sometimes come up with such products that remains in the memory for all wrong reasons. I'm sure Julio Medem can create lucid stories. It's okay to indulge in the art of movie making. But ultimately, it's the story that is the heart.

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