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Ilayaraja's Melodies - VII

Enna Samayalo, Unnal Mudiyum Thambi - Almost a blasphemy to line up this little-known along with some of maestro's famed compositions. But where's the surprise in a top 10 list without any dark horses? But this isn't included for the sake of shock/surprise value; this song is really beautiful, melodious, touching, entertaining and lovely. The situation is quite universal - kids whining at the dining table: "why is it the same thing everyday?" and the mom retorts "why don't you jump into the kitchen today?" Only here it isn't mommy-sonny but brother/sisters-in-laws. The song begins in a conversational style, with S.P.B asking "enna samayalo? edhirthu ketka yarumillai" and is loaded with kitchen responsibilities.

Those familiar with the movie will recall that this is the house of a famous carnatic singer and befitting his stature, his kids ooze music; when asking "sadhamaga thamadhama?", the first word flows with the exact swaras sa da ma ga. Such beauties are abound in this song ("dhaniya podi enge?" has a da ni prelude; "gamagama vasam varudhe" has a ga ma prelude). The lyrics (Vali?) are blatantly childish & playful: the raga kalyani is later broken into kal & aani; in a line that touches Vasantha, it goes "ragam vasantha, naanum rusuthi parkka rasam thaaa". Instruments that are categorized as seriously classical like mridangam, veena and nadaswaram which lack the sexiness expected of cinema light music graciously blend and form the crux of this song. S.P.B is known for taking the reins and indulging in his very own 'oohs' and 'aahs' which results in quite frequent attacks for hijacking the music director's version. This song is almost a paradise where the tune never gets serious enough and always hovers near dialogue. Chitra, who usually is known for faithful renditions of the composer's idea here voice her notes joyfully almost like S.P.B.

One of Ilayaraja's overlooked masterpiece.

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