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Ilayaraja's Melodies - III

7. Oorarama Athupakkam, Idhaya Kovil - This entry may draw the stick from a few puritans who define only slow-paced soothing tunes as melodies. A few dictionaries say that a melody is an arrangement of notes that result in a pleasant sound. Well, this one is pleasant in the following sense: on a cloudy afternoon, open that old draw, dust off the photo album and browse through your parents memories who're posing in differently fashioned dresses with a funny hairstyle. This song evokes similar feelings in me: a forced hip-hop fast hum 'jim jimku jim' to begin with and lyrics that just go hither and thither as if they're trying to tell a story in a metaphor but later drop the act, diffuse completely and prides in it's aimlessness. The tune itself is supremely elegant but it's decorated in crazy rolling drum beats, a ludicrous (in a good way) chorus and a funny trumpet piece. Let me state my ignorance upfront - this could be a masterpiece of a composition, for a musical layman like me, this is Raja trying to do something that didn't naturally come to him. If they ever had college culturals in the 80's, this would have been their fall back for 'a disco song'.

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