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Final Destination 3
This is the point: A young woman has a vision that the roller coaster that she has just boarded is about to crash; makes a scene and gets out with a handful of others. Those who escape the ride (yes, it crashes!) die one after another in a pattern captured through a series of photographs. See this movie only if you're drunk.

Die Hard 4
This is classic action stuff. A frustrated cyber-security guy cripples the national security and routine functioning by hacking into every governmental system. McClane (Bruce Willis) with the help of a whiz kid bring him to knees amidst bombastic crashes. Doesn't generate enough adrenalin and some lines make you chuckle.

This movie was banned in a few European countries (think about that for a second). The dehumanizing nature of human beings takes the form of extravagant sexual torture. With a flimsy story, ludicrous screenplay, bad acting and heavy nudity, some people call it art but I find it nothing more than instantly disposable trash.

Cinema Paradiso
A typical European feel-good movie. An uncommon friendship between a young boy and an old man, a cinema theatre that plays a touching role, a tender love story that ends in a tragedy - all for the price of one ticket. The Italian version contains an extra 40 minutes which develops the protagonist as an adult making his character arc complete.

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