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Jodi No.1 Gimmicks

In a well scripted show of the latest episode of Jodi No.1 which wraps itslef as a controversy, Simbu as usual spoils the climax by overacting. I've watched three shows so far and even the blind and deaf can attest that Prithviraj - Uma Riyaz are the pick of the lot. The energy, attitude and style this couple bring to the show is top of the line leaving the second best far behind.

In what definitely appears to be a staged drama, Simbu comments that Prithviraj didn't do much on the stage other than walking back and forth. More than the nature of the comment, its the way in which Simbu gets across his point that frustrates, entertains and at the same time reveals the spuriousness of the drama. He just goes on and on about his character, how straight forward he is, how his father taught him not to act if there isn't a camera nearby, how people wrongly perceive him to be an arrogant sob, blah, yada, this, that.

Simbu, in a less than admirable performance, walks out of the show while the participants run behind him and drag him back. Then, in a moment of truth, he blurts out what appears to be the truth: 'enakku nadikka theriyadhunga'. We appreciate your honesty dear. Not many, like Vijay or Ajith have the courage to admit that in front of an audience. We love you for that.

PS - This show will be availble on youtube very soon. Checkout the final 15 minutes. This is instant history.

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5 Responses to “Jodi No.1 Gimmicks”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It's always fun to watch Simbu. He is the best unintentional entertainer. That the whole thing had been pre-planned -- like Indian cricket matches -- was obvious.


  2. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    Yaaruppa adhu cricketa pathi thappa pesaradhu...

    What's more ludicrous is that Simbu trying desperately to prove that he's absolutely unbiased and can talk nothing but the truth. Even the way he handled the performers by putting himself on air and talking in a condescending manner is entertaining.  

  3. # Blogger Suresh Kumar

    The first season of Jodi No.1 was great without all these melodrama and gimmicks but now it seems the second season inherits some of its drama from the hindi version 'naach baliyae' where ever week some drama happens...

    you too vijay TV... Simbu is irritating after a point though is unintentionally funny at times...  

  4. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    I didn't know it was a Star TV formula. Of course I've heard of singers/dancers competition on other Star networks... but a staged controversy/drama being part of all such shows is news to me. So much for formula movies!  

  5. # Anonymous Giridhar

    Evan da avan simbuva pathi tappa pesaradhu.
    aambalaiya irundha nerula va da
    whatever simbu told was not wrong
    he just told the truth
    when simbu praises prithvi he is able to blush and accept that but when he points out the mistake he opposes the guy
    is it fair reply men
    prasad venkataraman
    and another anonym ous  

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