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Bharathiraja's Woes

Sun TV. Deepavali. Patti mandram. Cinema - boon or bane.

One would have expected Bharathiraja to be a bit coherent and slightly sensible. His body language befitted a political leader's rally speech and his slurred words were proof of homo erectus. On speaking of Tamil cinema's contributions, he cited an Indian family settled in Chicago for 40 years. A couple have children who're in their mid-twenties and though they rarely converse in Tamil, they're fluent when they talk. Bharathiraja wondered how was this possible. And then the couple illuminate him of the truth: through Sun TV, yes for the past two decades (Maran must have had a secret transmission service even before satellite television was introduced in India) the kids had fed on Sun TV which has served as their Tamil life line. Truly magnificent reasoning.

Update: The one and only T.Rajendar (homo sabilis) does a mimicry at the end of the show that makes you cry and laugh at the same time. Another reason to be proud of Tamil cinema.

4 Responses to “Bharathiraja's Woes”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Such unintentional comedies keep me going...loved it...


  2. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    It really takes a lot of courage to exhibit such fashionable nonsense in front a camera. I admire these guys.  

  3. # Anonymous shreeja

    LOL, didn't expect you to write a post about it. I'm still confused: Was Solomon P. speaking in favour of Tamil cinema in the end? I don't think he was left with much choice, anyway.

    Boon or Bane, they sure make horrible speakers!  

  4. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    After listening to T.R, 'horrible' somehow sounds like a compliment. For these cine profiles, it doesn't matter if it's movie or a mandram, their safe bet is on illogic.  

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