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Snatch - One Minute Review

I don't remember the last time I had such great fun while watching a gangster/heist genre told in a back & forth and then back-to-front with a lot of characters, but doesn't gloss away any characterizations and packs the story with punches and ironies... well now I remember, it's 'Pulp Fiction'. While on the way to rob a bank, the wonderfully versatile Benicio Del Toro disguised as a Jewish scholar talks of the translation of Bible where the translators substituted 'virgin' for 'young woman' and how the whole story took a wrong turn. This exactly reminds one of the foot massage talk between Jackson and Travolta before they shoot a few renegades in 'Pulp Fiction'. Snatch' is a step ahead of 'Pulp Fiction' when it comes to dialogues - cool, witty and sharp; but a bit low on the style factor. But what's lost in the style department is copiously made up in the pace - the editor must have been the busiest man in the British film circuit while working on this movie. You show me a single sagging scene in this movie, and I will... need I bother to challenge?

The movie is about many gangs, ranging from the juvenile to the hardened mafia, running after a piece of 84-carat diamond. While the diamond keeps changing hands, we get to know the attitudes and lifestyles of those who chase the gem: a man's weakness for gambling costs his life; a man's love for his mother costs the mafia's lives; helpless boxing promoters fighting to save their lives; a Russian don refusing to give up his life; a hit man accidentally losing his life; clueless street fighters caught in the big game are juggled with their lives. There's much more - terrific performances, laugh out loud brilliant lines and a convoluted yet superbly lucid screenplay and fluent direction. If the word masterpiece is to be reserved only for those movies that define a genre, transcend time and set milestones, this movie may fall a little short. But who gives a damn - 'Snatch' has 100% entertainment value and that by itself qualifies it as a masterpiece.


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