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Ilayaraja's Melodies - IV

6. Kaadhal kavidhaigal, Gopura Vasalilee - One more in the line of duet melodies that gets you high & foot tapping; a song that feels soft but set on a slightly higher tempo. As if the tune isn't sweet enough, S.P.B magnificently churns honey out of his lines and pours it drop by drop - listening to Balu's apt modulations is enough to hook you onto this song. But there's more: one of my best opening scores - a group of violins delicately paving way for a flute piece that descends into bells and then onto the masterly voice; an interlude that's just flute and beat; Chitra who unlike S.P.B, rigidly follows the notes; lyrics bordering lust but not quite crossing the fence. Even after a decade, this song remains fresh. Ageless, like love.

Ilayaraja's Melodies III

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2 Responses to “Ilayaraja's Melodies - IV”

  1. # Blogger Prabhu S

    This is one of my most favourite IR song. The orchestration of this song is of such high standard that I point this song to people who are unaware of IR to make them understand why people cherish his compositions to this day.  

  2. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    Though I don't know much about anything, I point towards Ilayaraja-Maniratnam combo when it comes to orchestration/sound engineering.

    Of course, this one's very good too.  

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