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Ilayaraja's Melodies - VI

4. Sundari Neeyum, Michael Madana Kama Rajan - Has there ever been a pair of conservative Indian lovers who have not dreamed of marriage rituals, first night moves & rearing children? Though the picturization beautifully captures the essence of that dream, I think the musical part of it aids and exceeds the visual beauty. Kamal & Janaki mouth dulcet notes whose words are marinated in Palakkadu brahmin tongue, which are strangely absorbing that make you imitate their style - its 'sunnari neeyum' with a quarter 'd' between those two 'n's and not 'sundari neeyum'. The slowness of the main course, chorus hum & the interlude parts are deliberately delayed to add another layer of authenticity to the dream; even the drum beats are cushioned so as to not wake a sleeping child. A superb audio background on lonely nights for those in love and also for those who plan to be in love.

P.S: Kamal in one of his interviews said that Raja overheard him humming the tune and then decided to get him behind the mike. This is no easy singing exercise and stands as a testimony to Kamal's skill as a solid play-back singer

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