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Filler Post

  • You can expect the review of Maniratnam's 'Guru' by Tuesday morning IST. Saw the teaser yesterday, looks promising.
  • I submit some of my entries to a cinema carnival hosted by Scott Nehring, whose site you can find in the links section. You can find the latest entry here.
  • A reader said that he finds some of my reviews too long. He didn't say they were boring (oh.. what courtesy!!). I'm not going to make any conscious efforts to cut down the length of my reviews. I just let my thoughts run and stop writing when they're all put on webpage. As and when I evolve, I hope I'll know which point to include and which one's better left out.
  • I'm hoping to post the review of 'World Trade Center' in the next couple of days. It will be a relatively shorter review, because it didn't touch me at deeper levels.
  • Saw 'Proposition', a good movie. Wonderful performance by Ray Winstone.

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