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Dear pea-brained music directors,
I understand that the producers & directors don't have any taste for music and most of the audience treat the songs as bathroom breaks. You have my sympathy. But, you all came up with this inter-planetary cool idea to take an old hit song that would make the audience go ooh-aah and overwrite it with your own tappanguthu track and add some echo or increase the reverb time or do some such crap. Before anybody spanks you, let me put it in plain words: it's a very very pukesome idea. If I had an option, I'm better off listening to that oldie, because it has a heart. Your version is supremely painful. So. Please. Stop. It. And no, please don't ever consider ripping off thalaivar's song, even if it's going to be played by his own sullan-in-law.

3 Responses to “Repukes”

  1. # Blogger icarus prakash

    pv, i thought it was better than kaathal vanthurucu in vallavan  

  2. # Blogger Prasad Venkataramana

    When the original song is a good one, the remix can't be all that bad, unless the music director is someone like me.

    A music director's foremost job is to compose a tune. When he/she fails to do that and use an already proven hit and try to piggyback on that song to generate a hit, that comes across as a mean gimmick to me. Yes, as you mention, as long as there are audience willing to listen, they'll cash in.

    Music, like comedy is very subjective. There are so many wonderful, original songs that haven't generated enough buzz and have died a quick death. I have a directionless anger when those songs with a heart sink and these remixes hit the mark.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Originality is Hardwork. It is creativity. And it is also a rarity.

    Once in a while if all walks of life, there comes a man/woman whose primary goal (that from which they derive their ultimate happiness) is creativity. They get their joy by being creative. They need to create. It is because of people like them that mankind takes leaps and bounds. (be it technological advancement, scientific discovery, artisitic creativity, social creativity) - i am talking of the einsteins, gandhis and dikshitars... These I call higher mortals.

    Then, there is the vast majority whose primary goal is not creativity. We may create some, on the way, but we derive happiness from somewhere else also... (like money, land, sex, food, power, and so on..) since our energies are spent on all sides.. our creativity is also correspondingly a small fraction. Because of us, man kind may, at best take small step functions towards happiness. I call us lower mortals.

    Higher mortals create because they love it.
    Lower mortals create because they love the outcome (the effect of their creation, not their creation).

    We need to be very choosy in spending our energy in the right place.


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